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Aktuelle Ausschreibungen im Rahmen des 7. EU-Forschungsrahmenprogramms

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To become more competitive and play a leading role globally, the European Community needs a strong and coherent international science and technology (S&T) policy with three objectives:

  • support European competitiveness through strategic partnerships with non-EU countries in selected fields of science and by engaging the best scientists from such countries to work with and in Europe; 
  • enhance the production of knowledge and scientific excellence by enabling European universities, research institutions and firms to establish contacts with their partners in such third countries, thereby facilitating access to research environments outside Europe and promoting synergies on a global scale; 
  • address specific problems that third countries face, or that have a global character, on the basis of mutual interest and mutual benefit. 

Why is it important?

The international competitiveness of modern economies is linked increasingly to their ability to generate, adapt and use new knowledge. Science and technology (S&T) are considered to be key factors contributing to achieving sustainable development, prosperity and economic growth. S&T has also proved instrumental to enhancing and enriching many other policy areas with an impact on external relations: trade, development, environment, energy, telecommunications, etc.

For more information on international cooperation (INCO) activities please see the International Cooperation Portal.

What will be funded?

Research theme-oriented international cooperation will be carried out under the Cooperation programme.

International actions in the area of human potential will be under the People programme.

The Capacities programme will implement horizontal support actions and measures with a focus other than a specific thematic or interdisciplinary area. It will also aim to support the coordination of national programmes on international scientific cooperation, and the various international cooperation actions under the different programmes of FP7. Initiatives under this programme will include:

  • Bi-regional coordination of S&T cooperation including priority setting and definition of S&T cooperation policies; bringing together policy makers, scientific community, civil society and private sector stakeholders from the EU and third countries to identify priorities and define policy orientations; implementing specific activities dedicated to strengthening participation from targeted countries and regions in FP7, including support for information points in the third countries: 
    • Western Balkan area 
    • Mediterranean area 
    • EECA countries 
    • Latin America 
    • ACP and South Africa 
    • Asia 
  • Bilateral coordination for the enhancement and development of S&T partnerships: 
    • Improving the provision of information on programs and funding designed to promote cooperation between Europe and specific third countries; 
    • Better identifying and demonstrating mutual interest and benefit in S&T cooperation between the EU and specific third countries; 
    • Sharing best practices via joint forums such as workshops and presenting the state of the art and the prospects for cooperation in particular fields. 
  • Supporting the coordination of national policies and activities of EU Member States and Associated Countries on international S&T cooperation. The objective of the ERA-NET scheme is to step up the cooperation and coordination of national or regional research programmes through networking, aiming at mutual opening and the development and implementation of joint activities.
    • ERA-NET 'International cooperation'
    • ERA-NET PLUS 'International cooperation' 


The European Commission will fund International cooperation' activities by selecting project proposals submitted following the publication of a 'Call for proposals'. When the first calls of the 'International cooperation' Work Programme are published they will be announced on this page. 


The EU Member States have earmarked a total of € 180 million for funding these activities over the duration of FP7.

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