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Cluster Workshop (CeBIT)

Zeitraum: 05.03.2008
Ort: Hannover
Land: Deutschland

Cluster policy has been a mantra for a number of years across European member states. Different approaches have been practiced, including decentralised, bottom-up cluster definition as well as centrally driven technology cluster initiatives.


Throughout the seminar, the speakers will introduce the participants to French cluster policy in comparison to the German way of establishing strong high-tech clusters in the ICT sectors. For the first time, representatives from French “poles de compétitivité” will meet their German counterparts.


The podium discussion, including a number of recognized experts on this topic, aims at highlighting the lessons learned and discusses ways of knowledge transfer in cluster policy from one country to another.



30521 Hannover


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Quelle: BITCOM
Redaktion: 31.01.2008 von Miguel Krux, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH
Kategorien: Workshops
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