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Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 (IMI2): 8. Aufruf zur Einreichung von Vorschlägen

Der achte IMI2 Call 2015 im Rahmen des IMI Ebola+ Programms verwendet das einstufige Antragsverfahren. Hier können Anträge kontinuierlich eingereicht werden, die dann zu bestimmten Stichtagen von unabhängigen Experten evaluiert werden.

Stichtag: 16.03.2016, 15.09.2016, 16.03.2017, 14.09.2017, 15.03.2018

IMI 2 - Call 8


  • Ebola and other filoviral haemorrhagic fevers (Ebola+) programme: future outbreaks

Please read the IMI2 Call 8 Topic Text for full details of the topic, incuding the budget and the General Conditions for the Call for proposals.

Please note that entering, revising and submitting short proposals for this call can only be done through the IMI SOFIA software tool.

Indicative budget

  • The indicative financial contribution from the IMI2 JU for the entire period of 2 years will be a maximum of EUR 70 000 000.
  • The entire budget for this call will be available as from the first cut-off date. Three months prior to each subsequent cut-off date, the amount of the remaining budget will be published on the IMI website.

Key dates

  • Publication date: 18 December 2015
  • This call for proposals is continuously open for a period of two years with the following cut-off dates for submission of proposals:
    16 March 2016, 15 September 2016, 16 March 2017, 14 September 2017, 15 March 2018.

Submission of proposals

Proposals must be submitted via the IMI electronic submission tool SOFIA (Submission OF Information Application). No other means of submission will be accepted. SOFIA will be opened for submission of proposals when the Call for proposals is officially launched.

To access SOFIA, Applicant Consortium Coordinators will need to complete a Request for Access to the tool.

The proposal may be updated online prior to the Call submission deadline. Please note that the submit button must be pressed to submit the proposal for eligibility check and evaluation.

Quelle: Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI)
Redaktion: 07.01.2016 von Nils Demetry, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH
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