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AI GameDev: Europe's first research-driven competition to improve game technologies

Deadline: 26.09.2021 Innovation competitions

Game developer Square Enix, venture capital firm IT Farm and Cyber Valley are launching AI GameDev, a pan-European competition for ideas and concepts that harness tools from machine learning, computer vision and robotics for improved game development and a more realistic gaming experience.

AI GameDev is the first competition in Europe to facilitate the transfer of technology and knowledge from European AI research to the many potential applications in game development.

On the dedicated competition website, startups and AI researchers - as individuals or in teams - can submit their ideas in the form of a pitch deck, video or scientific paper until September 26, 2021. The application process will officially begin on August 11, 2021.

The top ten ideas will be selected for the competition - and their inventors will have the opportunity to present their concepts at an awards ceremony on December 2, 2021. While Cyber Valley will award the most promising scientific achievement, IT-Farm will present the audience award. The grand prize for the most innovative AI solution includes a trip to Tokyo, Japan, and is sponsored by Square Enix.

Source: Cyber Valley via IDW Nachrichten Editor by Sarafina Yamoah, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Countries / organization: Japan EU Topic: Information and Communications Innovation miscellaneous / Cross-section Activities

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