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Call for proposals for cooperation projects on green hydrogen with EUREKA countries

Deadline: 05.11.2021 Programme calls

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research is providing funding for technology collaborations on the topic of green hydrogen between industry and science which involve partners from EUREKA countries.

Under the umbrella of the EUREKA network, Germany and seven partner countries are jointly funding cross border cooperation projects on transport infrastructure for green hydrogen. Within the framework of this call, German institutions can cooperate with partners from the following countries: Belgium (Flanders), Canada, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

This call for proposals is aimed at German companies, non-university research institutions and higher education institutions. In order to be eligible for funding, envisaged projects need to involve at least two partners from at least two of the above mentioned countries. EUREKA is an application oriented initiative working to encourage projects that are close to market. This is why collaborative projects must also involve at least one small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) from Germany.

The German Federal Research Ministry aims to provide funding for projects on transport infrastructures for green hydrogen. Projects can cover one or more of the following aspects:

  • Use of existing infrastructures for transporting (green) hydrogen
  • Requirements, preconditions and models for the efficient use of existing (gas) grids (e.g. safety and security, materials)
  • Increasing fuel efficiency levels through efficient transport and storage
  • Solutions for smart grid control and integrated grid planning

Funding will be awarded as non repayable project grants. The maximum amount of funding per German collaborative project is 1 million EUR, of which a minimum of 40% of the funding received by the German partner(s) must be granted to the SME(s) involved.

This call for proposals is launched under the umbrella of the regulations for funding international projects on the topic of green hydrogen. It refers to module F: technology collaborations between industry and science as part of EUREKA.

In addition to the specific call for proposals by the German Federal Research Ministry, interested applicants from Germany must also take into account the international call by EUREKA.

The application procedure consists of two steps: In the first step, the collaboration partner who is coordinating the envisaged project submits the project proposal in English via the electronic application system of EUREKA. The deadline for submission is 5 November 2021. In the second step, German project partners whose project proposals have been evaluated positively will be invited to submit a formal application for funding in German via the ‘easy-Online’ system.


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