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ERA.Net RUS Plus: Call for Evaluators

Deadline: 15.05.20 Other calls

The ERA.Net RUS Plus is an initiative aiming at promoting a unified European approach to collaborating with Russia in the field of science & technology research.

A Joint Call for ‘S&T projects’ within the ERA.Net RUS Plus Call 2019 supports the following topics:


  • Advanced nano-sensors for environment and health
  • Novel functional nanomaterials based on design and modeling


  • Regenerative medicine, biomaterials and organ-on-a-chip systems
  • Drug discovery for cancer, cardiovascular and infectious diseases

Social Sciences and Humanities:

  • Demography, migration, conflicts and security issues
  • Opportunities for and challenges to regional development and social cohesion

No subtopics defined ("bottom-up" approach)

For further information, please refer to the ERA.Net RUS Plus website at http://www.eranet-rus.eu/

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