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DFG-RSF Cooperation: Possibility for Joint German-Russian Project Proposals in all Fields of Science

Deadline: 13.12.2021 Programme calls

To facilitate the support of collaborative work between German and Russian research groups, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and the Russian Science Foundation (RSF) have opened the possibility for joint German-Russian project proposals for a funding period of three years in all fields of science. Collaborations of research teams from both countries are invited to submit joint proposals.

At the DFG these proposals are submitted in the funding scheme „Sachbeihilfe/Research Grants“ and will be reviewed in competition with all other proposals in this scheme. At the RSF the proposals will be part of an open public competition for the activity “Basic Scientific Research and Exploratory Scientific Research, Conducted by International Research Teams”.

All proposals will be reviewed by both organisations separately. The results of the review process will be shared between the agencies. Support will be granted for those proposals where both DFG and RSF recommend funding.

Proposals must be submitted to both organisations in parallel in accordance with the proposal preparation requirements of each side, respectively. For German groups this means submission via DFG’s elan system according to the guidelines for the Research Grants Programme. All German applicants are requested to use the “Joint Project Description Template”. For the RSF, the competition documentation for an open public competition to receive grants from the RSF should be consulted.

In accordance with the full proposal target date of the RSF proposals to the DFG should be submitted not later than 13 December 2021. The results of the call are to be expected by the end of October 2022.

Further information can be found on the DFG website.

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