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Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research

Deadline: 31.03.2021 Programme calls

The Einstein Foundation Award for Promoting Quality in Research aims to provide recognition and publicity for outstanding efforts that enhance the rigor, reliability, robustness, and transparency of research, and stimulate awareness and activities fostering research quality among scientists, institutions, funders, and politicians. 

Award Categories

  • Individual Award: Individual scientist or small teams of collaborating scientists can be nominated. The laureate will be awarded €200,000.
  • Institutional Award: Governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, or other entities can apply or be nominated. The award-winning organization or institution will receive €200,000. If governmental organizations or institutions are the recipients of the award, they will not receive any funds in addition to the award itself.
  • Early Career Award: Early career researcher can submit a project proposal for an award of €100,000.

This award is open to any researcher or group of researchers, organization, or institution. To be eligible for the Early Career Research Award, candidates must hold a doctorate or have equivalent research experience, and should have been an independent researcher for no longer than five years. To acknowledge the outstanding role early career researchers (ECRs) have in promoting research quality, ECRs will be invited to propose projects that foster research quality and value. Projects will be competitively selected for funding and internationally showcased.

To nominate or apply for this award, nominators and applicants may access the nomination/application platform where they can provide all the necessary information.

The call for nominations & applications 2021 is open until 31.03.2021.

Source: Einstein Foundation Editor by Mirjam Buse, VDI TZ GmbH Countries / organization: Global Topic: Skilled Personnel Funding

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