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EnergInno Brazil: Funding for innovations in Green Hydrogen and Biogas

Deadline: 21.11.2021 Innovation competitions

The EnergInno Brazil campaign organized by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as part of the the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's (BMBF) "Research in Germany" initiative is looking for the most innovative ideas from German science and industry in the fields of Green Hydrogen and Biogas. The winners of the call – tandems consisting of research and industry – will be invited to a Matchmaking Tour to Sao Paulo, Brazil, in early summer 2022. In this way, EnergInno Brazil promotes project developments and permanent networks between Brazilian and German stakeholders in the two sectors.

Climatic and socio-economic challenges are increasing the worldwide request for scientific solutions and technological innovations in the field of sustainable energy supply. As such, cost-efficient, safe and environmentally compatible ideas that use sustainable energy carriers – like Green Hydrogen and Biogas – are particularly in demand. EnergInno Brazil promotes ideas around these two energy carriers in the application fields of mobility and electricity. In the field of mobility, innovations are sought for road, rail, ship or air transport, among others. In the field of electricity, the innovative projects or processes are to be designed, for example, for power generation, the heating market or refrigeration technology.

The Call for Ideas & Innovation of EnergInno Brazil addresses the research sector of green energy in Germany. Ten Research-SME-Tandems – each consisting of a scientist of a German research institution or university and a representative of a German small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) or start-up – are wanted, each applying with their jointly developed project or process in the research areas described above.

The winners of the call will be invited to a one-week journey, the Matchmaking Tour, to Sao Paulo, Brazil, offering a networking event and visits to exclusive research institutions, universities and companies. All this will provide several opportunities to network with suitable partners. The tandems will also participate in the Idea2Project Workshop where representatives of several funding programs will provide information on relevant and concrete financing opportunities for the further development and implementation of the projects.

The Application Form has to be sent via email until the 21st of November 2021.

There will also be two virtual office hours on October 19 and November 16, 2021 from 10:00-12:00. Further information can be found on the Research in Germany website.


The EnergInno Brazil campaign is conducted by the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft as a constituent component of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research's (BMBF) "Research in Germany" initiative. EnergInno Brazil focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and start-ups and aims to connect the Brazilian and German sector of green energy in order to build sustainable networks and initiate collaboration for mutual benefit. EnergInno Brazil is the third of three campaigns within the current phase of "Research in Germany". Each campaign focuses on different topics and regions.

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