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Jacobs Foundation launches international challenge for radical ideas in higher education

Deadline: 31.01.19 Innovation competitions

The “Radical Ideas in Higher Education Challenge” posed by the Jacobs University and the Jacobs Foundation in partnership with the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) aims to foster collaboration between cross-disciplinary researchers and seed disruptions in higher education and academic learning.

The challenge aims to provide innovative impulses in the fields of higher education and academic learning. Emphasis is given to an evidence-based application design, which distinguishes this approach from other innovation projects in learning and teaching. In the course of the challenge, the Jacobs Foundation will support selected projects with a total amount of up to 750,000 Swiss francs (650,000 euros).

There are three types of projects, all to be implemented and tested at Jacobs University:

  • Evaluations of interventions/programs/Technologies
  • Add-ons to existing interventions/programs/technologies, wherein applicants seek to enhance an existing program
  • Smaller “proof-of-concept”

Proposed projects must be conducted on campus of Jacobs University Bremen. A matchmaking between applicants and collaboration partners in Bremen will take place after preselection of draft proposals. Interested researchers and experts of EdTech startups are eligible to submit research project ideas until 31 January 2019. Projects should run for a maximum of two years and start in 2019. In line with the international profile of Jacobs University, the call seeks innovations and ideas from all over the world to be tested on the Jacobs University Campus.

Source: Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH via IDW Nachrichten Editor by Mirjam Buse, VDI TZ GmbH Countries / organization: Global Topic: Higher Education

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