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Pre-announcement: 4th Multi-Thematic Joint Call 2022 (Europe / Latin America / Caribbean)

Deadline: 24.01.2022 Programme calls

An initiative supported by the EU-LAC Interest Group

The present call announcement is a preliminary version which is not legally binding.
It is provided for potentially interested applicants in order to start identifying partners and drafting proposals.
The final list of participating funding organisations will be published on 24th January 2022.

As an outcome of the EU funded bi-regional ERANet-LAC project (2013-2017), the EU-LAC Interest Group (IG) was established: A group of funding agencies from LAC, EU Member States and Associated Countries wishing to cooperate in bi-regional science, technology and innovation (STI) collaboration.

The members of the EU-LAC IG will launch the 4th Joint Call on the 24th of January 2022. The final submission date will be 28th of April 2022 at 5 PM CEST. All the call documents will be available at: https://www.eucelac-platform.eu/joint-actions. With this Joint Call, interested project consortia composed of partners from the countries listed below will be invited to submit project proposals.

The participating Funding Parties will provide funds and assistance of national and/or regional call contact points to support national beneficiaries in collaborative projects. The projects will be selected jointly.

One of the specificities of this upcoming joint call is that it includes four topics based on sharing large Research Infrastructures, namely in the areas of Global Challenges, Health, Biodiversity, and Energy.

The call topics have been defined in collaboration with the EU funded projects EU-LAC ResInfra, EULAC PerMed and SINCERE.

Please find the link to the pre-announcement here.

Source: EU-LAC Editor by DLR Projektträger Countries / organization: Bolivia Brazil Dominican Republic Panama Peru Uruguay Turkey Germany Italy Austria Poland Portugal Spain EU Topic: Engineering and Production Information and Communications Innovation

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