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2nd Innovation Bootcamp in Brazil

Duration: 31.05.19 City: Curitiba Country: Brazil

Going International – Toolbox & Success Stories

The purpose of the 2nd Bootcamp Innovation Brazil is to present to Startups, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, Investors, and Corporates what tools, good practices and tips can be used to effectively internationalize businesses and innovation in the European Union, with the support of the ENRICH initiative. In addition, this Bootcamp will show some success stories of innovative Brazilian companies, which have grown globally in a fast and efficient way, allowing a dialogue and sharing of experiences with Founders of globalized Brazilian Startups.

The target audience will be around 50-70 individuals, from three main segments of clients for ENRICH: startup owners, researchers and university representatives, and corporates. Other innovation ecosystem activists and members will also be invited. The main target of the event will be to provide tools, tips and examples of successful internationalization of Brazilian companies and businesses in the European Union, giving visibility to the ENRICH initiative, its value proposition and services, as well as the actors of the Brazilian and European Innovation Ecosystems.


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