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Science Africa Workshop: International Research Cooperation on Sex, Gender and Diversity Dimensions in Infectiology

Duration: 07.03.20 City: Nairobi Country: Kenya

On 7 March 2020, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) will host a workshop in Nairobi (Kenya) following up from its existing Africa Initiative on infectiology and the recent decision by the Joint Committee to integrate gender and diversity dimensions in the proposal preparation guidelines. Infectiology as a field of research is of particular current relevance, especially in connection with sex, gender and other diversity dimensions (such as ethnic, genetic or economic background and other distinctions, for example rural vs. urban). In addition to scientific discussion, other important aims of the workshop are to enable networking between scientists from Africa and Germany on the topic “Sex, Gender and Diversity Dimensions in Infectiology” and to initiate potential joint research projects.

The workshop will comprise different scientific sessions and allow plenty of opportunity for networking. In the session “Examples of Sex, Gender and Diversity Dimensions – Relevance for Infectiology Research” (session I), participants will explore the relevance of the topic in various research projects in infectiology. Options for integrating these dimensions will be highlighted in various short scientific presentations on current research. This will be followed by a primarily method-oriented discussion on appropriate ways to take account of sex, gender and diversity, especially in life sciences research projects (session II). Starting with an introductory presentation, this section will encourage attendees in the auditorium to reflect on the importance of the topic in their own research projects and identify concrete ways of integrating these aspects in terms of topic and methods.

There will also be a networking session to allow discussion with researchers at early career stages – particularly from Africa. Participants will have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research with the optional presentation of a poster. Finally, funding opportunities available from the DFG and other funding providers to support international cooperation between Germany and Africa will be presented.

The number of participants is limited; please register by 10 February 2020 by contacting chancengleichheit@dfg.de. Participants must cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

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