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German-US Cooperation: Exchange program for young researchers in engineering

The Joint fellowship programme with the American Ceramic Society and the Pennsylvania State University starts at Kiel University this autumn. The programme „International Research Experience for Students“ is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) with 500,000 USD. It enables young scientists from the USA to complete a six-month research stay in Kiel.

The aim of the programme IRES is to support first-rate young researchers at the CAU and American universities in their career development: Programme participants, known as PACK fellows (Penn State – American Ceramic Society – University of Kiel), will have the opportunity of a training in an international setting and building long-term networks. The programme focuses on their exchange with scientist of the CAU and Penn State in the fields of magnetoelectric composite materials, biomagnetic sensors, imaging procedures to display brain activities, biomaterials, medical signal processing and neuromorphic components. The American Ceramic Society is administering the programme.

From the winter semester 2019/20 onwards, the scientists will be able to attend lectures at the Faculty of Engineering and get actively involved in its research work. The subject of the three-year programme is based around three of Kiel University's major research networks, which are working at the interface between engineering and medicine on sensors for biomagnetic fields, on new materials to treat brain disorders and on the implementation of the information processing in nervous systems into hardware electronics.

Source: Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel via IDW Nachrichten Editor by Mirjam Buse, VDI TZ GmbH Countries / organization: USA Topic: Higher Education Engineering and Production Funding

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