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ITB infoservice 06/2021 – Special Edition No. 16: Germany & Canada - Celebrating 50 Years of Scientific and Technological Cooperation

The many global crises of today are drawing democracies closer together. What great advantage it is to be able to build upon a solid base in research and innovation – like there is between Canada and Germany! The Agreement on Scientific-Technological Cooperation between these two countries entered into force on 30 June 1971. The 16th Special Edition of the ITB infoservice is thus dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the scientific-technological cooperation between Canada and Germany.

In view of the longstanding and varied cooperation activities, this Special Edition can, of course, put a spotlight on some selected programs and thematic areas only, which represent but a fraction of the close cooperation between the two countries. If you are interested in obtaining further information, please follow the links below the editorial and below the articles and interviews. 

In the first section, an interview with the current chairholders of the Canada-Germany Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee (JSTCC) will provide you with an insight into past, present and possible future perspectives for bilateral cooperation. 

In the second section, we present a number of cooperation formats and programs. The first two focus on scientific training through cross-border research internships and bilateral research training groups. The other three programs presented have a regional focus and promote cooperation either through clusters or between Canadian provinces and German Länder, e.g. between Québec and Bavaria or Ontario and Baden-Württemberg (OBW). 

The third section highlights the role and importance of local representations of research funding agencies and research centers of non-university research organizations in the respective partner country. 

The fourth and final section focuses on cooperation in selected thematic areas: social sciences and humanities, earth observation through satellites, climate, polar and marine research, industrial research (including artificial intelligence), the development of fuel cells, neurosciences and personalized medicine. Two articles demonstrate that Canadian-German cooperation can be successfully embedded into multilateral research consortia with further countries, funded under European Partnerships like ERA PerMed or the transatlantic Partnership T-AP.

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ITB infoservice 06/2021 – Special Edition No. 16

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