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National Academic Contact Point Ukraine: DAAD launches Ukraine Aid website

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) on April 11th launched the website of the "National Academic Contact Point Ukraine". The platform offers comprehensive information and assistance for Ukrainian students and researchers.

DAAD President Prof. Dr Joybrato Mukherjee said:

"With the steadily increasing number of people from Ukraine seeking refuge, protection, but also the continuation of their studies or academic careers in Germany, the effects of the Russian war of aggression are coming even closer to German universities. We currently assume that up to 100,000 Ukrainian students and researchers will need support and academic prospects in Germany in the near future. This requires adequately funded support programmes and a central academic information point for Ukrainians.

At the request of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany and with the support of the Federal Ministry of Education, we have therefore quickly launched the website of the 'National Academic Contact Point Ukraine'. On it, refugee students and academics can find the essential information for their stay in Germany. In addition, we provide them with a variety of support options from German academic organisations and universities. In this context, I would like to thank all members of the Alliance of Science Organisations for their support over the past weeks“

Information on studying, staying and everyday life in Germany

The Contact Point's website bundles information for Ukrainian students and researchers on residence, university admission, studies and research, and everyday life in Germany. It is available in German and English, and the Ukrainian version is constantly being expanded. For Ukrainian students, the website is intended to serve as a guide to the German higher education system.

Moreover, the website offers a platform to publicise the wide range of support offered by German science institutions in a bundled and structured way. In addition to the direct offers of assistance, German universities, the Alliance of Science Organisations and other institutions and organisations in the science system, as well as student associations and foundations, are also accessible to Ukrainian students and researchers. Currently, around sixty support offers from the science system can already be found on the website, which is constantly being updated and expanded with additional offers.

National Academic Contact Point

In addition to the website, the National Academic Contact Point Ukraine offers targeted information for individual enquiries on the basis of the DAAD's advisory services: To this end, Ukrainian students and researchers can contact the DAAD directly in Ukrainian; access is directly integrated on the website. Universities, research organisations and foundations can also send their support offers for students and researchers directly to the DAAD via redaktion(at)daad.de

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