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Nature Career Guide: Germany

The Nature International Journal of Science recently published a new edition of its Career Guide series. This time on Germany and its scientific landscape.

Nature Career Guide: Germany is a collection of several articles about Germany‘s scientific and research landscape and opportunities for individual researchers.

The topics range from Germany’s ambitious manufacturing and innovation goals, what makes its research landscape unique and why researchers are drawn to the country to how Germany has proactively handled Europe’s migration and refugee crisis, and the country’s approach to the world’s climate with regard to renewable energy.

In terms of Germany modernizing its institutions to help scientists to pursue a career, you can read about how it’s trying to become more diverse in a globalized research system.

This information is to guide international researchers and scientists to start their career in Germany.

Source: Nature International Journal of Science Editor by Mirjam Buse, VDI TZ GmbH Countries / organization: Germany Topic: Higher Education Energy Engineering and Production Ethical Issues and Society Skilled Personnel Funding Humanities and Social Sciences Geosciences Basic Research Information and Communications Infrastructure Innovation Life Sciences High Tech Regions and Networks miscellaneous / Cross-section Activities Environment & Sustainability Industry, Markets

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