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New portal GERiT: Information on more than 25,000 German research institutions

GERiT – German Research Institutions – provides an overview of 25,000 research institutions in Germany in English and German language, with institutional profiles, job vacancies, the doctoral regulations for specific institutions and subject areas, and links to DFG-funded projects. GERiT replaces the „Research Explorer“.

New at "GERiT" are statistical data on the individual research institutions, such as the number of faculties, institutions, students and professors in universities. At many universities, "GERiT" links to their job portals. In cooperation with the German Rectors' Conference (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz - HRK) and with access to their University Compass (Hochschulkompass), GERiT allows to find out whether a faculty offers the possibility to obtain a doctorate; in that case, all relevant information about the doctorate can be retrieved via the link to the university compass. A link to the Funding Atlas of the DFG also provides an overview of the research priorities of the respective institution. The search results can be displayed either as a list or as an interactive map, offering refined searches. Each institutional entry now also contains a location map.

With "GERiT", the DFG contributes to the systematization of the core data set Research, following the recommendations of the Science Council (Wissenschaftsrat) of 2016. The core dataset aims to establish standards for data-based research reporting.

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