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Ukraine: NSFU - Nationale Stiftung für Forschungsförderung

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The National Research Foundation of Ukraine (NRFU, dtsch. Nationale Stiftung für Forschungsförderung der Ukraine, NSFU) is a state budgetary institution established by the Government of Ukraine in 2018 in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Scientific and Scientific-technical Activities”. 

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

1. stimulation of fundamental and applied scientific researches, development of the national research area and its integration into the world research area;

2. development of research infrastructure in Ukraine and its integration into the world research infrastructure;

3. promotion:

  • establishing scientific and technical cooperation between scientific institutions, higher education institutions and representatives of the manufacture and service sectors;
  • international exchange of information and scientists, involvement of student and student youth in scientific and scientific and technical activities;
  • production-oriented (branch) scientific institutions by organizing competitions at the request of central executive bodies or other customers, provided that such central bodies of executive power or the customers of the corresponding funds are allocated;

4. popularization of scientific and scientific-technical activity.

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