Franco-German research initiative on low-pesticide agriculture in Europe

Is pesticide-free agriculture possible? German and French researchers are now working together to answer this question: The Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) has launched a unique Europe-wide research initiative together with...

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Internationalisation of Germany, bi-/ multi-lateral cooperation

CLAIRE Opens German Office at German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

On April 8, the EU Commission published core requirements for a trustworthy Artificial Intelligence and has thus begun a process in which the EU AI Strategy will continue to take shape. CLAIRE (Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial...

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Baden Württemberg's Minister President Kretschmann receives Europe's leading AI researchers

Scientists convene to advance European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems ELLIS

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Nature Career Guide: Germany

The Nature International Journal of Science recently published a new edition of its Career Guide series. This time on Germany and its scientific landscape.

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Launch of a Joint European Research Centre of Leuphana University Lüneburg and the University of Glasgow

With the opening of the European Centre for Advanced Studies (ECAS) on 1 April 2019, the cooperation agreed last year between Leuphana University Lüneburg and the University of Glasgow has reached another milestone.

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National Academies of Sciences address recommendations on protecting the oceans to the G20 countries

Representatives from the national academies of sciences of the G20 countries handed over recommendations to the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe in Tokyo, Japan, for later consultation at this year’s G20 summit. The statement with recommendations...

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Start of EU-project CyberSec4Europe on cybersecurity and data protection

The research Project CyberSec4Europe on cybersecurity and data protection in Europe was launched this week. Goethe University Frankfurt has assumed the leadership and co-ordination of the 43 total consortium partners from science, business, industry...

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Fraunhofer presents key component for digital data exchange according to European values

The International Data Spaces (IDS) initiative, established under the auspices of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, enables trustworthy open data marketplaces. On February 22, 2019, the International Data Spaces Association presented concrete results and...

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Advancing the social good with AI: Experts on artificial intelligence meet with international not-for-profit organizations

Experts on artificial intelligence (AI) from Google, Microsoft and academia were meeting with international not-profit, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at Schloss Dagstuhl in northern Saarland in Germany this week. The question they seek to...

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