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Aid campaign from China: International Humboldt Network shows strength

Humboldt alumni from China have collected donations to help Germany during the corona crisis.

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Support for research on the Covid-19 disease

There are several open calls for research & development addressing the novel coronavirus (AMED, BMBF, EU).

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Guideline for Innovation Funding Sources in Europe – by ENRICH in Brazil

This publication covers the main innovation funding sources at national level in Europe.

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Scientific Infrastructure for Virus Research

Data and analyses relating to SARS-CoV-2 are available on the University of Freiburg’s Galaxy platform.

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International Learning Analytics conference will take place - fully online

On March 25, the “International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge 2020” (LAK20) will be hold as a complete online format.

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International research project for the development of therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19

Researchers at the Department of Biotechnology of Technische Universität Braunschweig started a research project to develop novel antibody based therapy for coronavirus infections. To increase the chances of success, the international consortium...

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CLAIRE receives broad mandate and funding for shaping "Artificial Intelligence made in Europe"

The European Commission has taken a major step towards strengthening Artificial Intelligence (AI) research in Europe by allocating 50 million Euros of seed funding, intended to prepare the ground for much larger investments in the near future. This...

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Philipp Schwartz Forum 2020: “What’s next?”

Some 170 participants − researchers sponsored by the Philipp Schwartz Initiative and representatives of host universities − gathered at the Philipp Schwartz Forum held in Berlin from 9 to 10 March. The two-day conference centred on the question of...

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Tropical viral diseases: European project of the University of Bayreuth studies the influence of biological diversity

As a result of climate change, mosquito-borne viral diseases are penetrating ever further into Europe. A joint project coordinated by the University of Bayreuth is investigating for the first time how this trend is influenced and even controlled by...

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