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Europäische Kommission: Ausschreibung zur Einrichtung einer Europäischen Wissenschaftscloud

Stichtag: vom 22. März 2018 bis 20. März 2019 Programmausschreibungen

Die Europäische Kommission stellt im Rahmen von Horizont 2020 in sechs Teilausschreibungen mit Stichtagen zwischen 22. März 2018 und 20. März 2019 insgesamt 184 Millionen EUR für die Implementierung der Europäischen Wissenschaftswolke bereit.

The call "Imlementing the European Science Cloud" will achieve the vision put forward by the European Cloud Initiative and it will make the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) a reality. In order to realise an EOSC that truly supports interdisciplinary research and Open Science, a new pan-European model for research data and related services that is both scalable and flexible needs to be put in place, so that it can be adapted to the emerging needs of the scientific community and support the whole research data lifecycle. The new model will build on a pan-European service access mechanism – the EOSC hub – providing access primarily to public e-infrastructure services supplied at national, regional and institutional levels. The Call will support the setup of an appropriate governance for such a relevant endeavour, which takes into account the outcomes of previous efforts and the active contribution of all scientific stakeholders. The Call will ensure strong positioning of EOSC in the context of similar initiatives in other world regions to enhance and ‘open to the world’ international collaboration.

The Call will develop the EOSC ecosystem providing all European researchers with seamless, non-discriminatory and secure access to public and commercial services and appropriate access modalities to a wider user community like industry, public sector, citizen scientists, etc. Capacity building for this ecosystem, in particular concerning storage, computing, software and other resources and services. The coordination between national initiatives aiming at making data FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usabl) as well as the connection to the EOSC of priority European Research Infrastructures.


  • Access to commercial services through the EOSC hub (Opening date: 05 December 2017 / Deadline: 22 March 2018)
  • Connecting ESFRI infrastructures through Cluster projects (Opening date: 08 February 2018 / Deadline: 22 March 2018)
  • Support to the EOSC Governance - CSA Coordination and support action (Opening date: 08 February 2018 / Deadline: 19 June 2018)
  • Support to the EOSC Governance - RIA Research and Innovation action (Opening date: 26 July 2018 / Deadline: 21 November 2018)
  • Prototyping new innovative services  (Opening date: 16 October 2018 / Deadline: 29 January 2019)
  • Enhancing the EOSC portal and connecting thematic clouds (Opening date: 14 November 2018 / Deadline: 20 March 2019)
Quelle: Europäische Kommission / Horizont 2020 Redaktion: von Tim Mörsch, VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH Länder / Organisationen: EU Themen: Infrastruktur Förderung Information u. Kommunikation

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