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Aufforderung zur Interessensbekundung für die Besetzung der Beratungskommission der "European Open Science Policy Platform" (OSPP)

Stichtag: 22.03.2016 Sonstige Ausschreibungen

Die Generaldirektion Forschung und Innovation der Europäischen Kommission plant die Einrichtung einer 20- bis 30-köpfigen Beratungskommission der OSPP zur Stärkung und Entwicklung offener Wissenschaft ("Open Science") in Europa.

The Directorate-General for Research and Innovation intends to establish a Commission Expert Group to provide advice about the development and implementation of open science policy in Europe.

It is therefore calling for expressions of interest with a view to selecting members of the High-Level Advisory Group 'Open Science Policy Platform' (OSPP). The group will consist of 20-30 high-level representatives of the broad constituency of European (open) science stakeholders.

The mandate of the Open Science Policy Platform is to:

  1. advise the Commission on how to further develop and practically implement open science policy, in line with the priority of Commissioner Moedas to radically improve the quality and impact of European science;
  2. function as a dynamic, stakeholder-driven mechanism for bringing up and addressing issues of concern for the European science and research community and its representative organisations, following five broad lines for actions which are presented in the draft European Open Science Agenda (124 KB);
  3. support policy formulation by helping to identify the issues to be addressed and providing recommendations on the policy actions required;
  4. support policy implementation, contributing to reviewing best practices, drawing policy guidelines and encouraging their active uptake by stakeholders;
  5. provide advice and recommendations on any cross-cutting issue affecting Open Science.

DG Research & Innovation is hereby calling for applications with the view of selecting stakeholders as members of the Open Science Policy Platform according to the criteria detailed in the Call for expression of interest.

To ensure that the panel is representative of stakeholders, applicants should clearly demonstrate that they can represent a shared interest by stakeholders or an organisation.

Before sending in an application, please read the Call for expression of interest (110 KB) carefully.

Please forward any queries on the Open Science Policy Platform by email to: RTD-Open-Science(at)

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