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Ausschreibung des Belmont Forum zu Biodiversitätsszenarien und Ökosystemdienstleistungen

Stichtag: 02.07.2014 Programmausschreibungen

Der Aufruf des Belmont Forums soll den Aufbau von internationalen und interdisziplinären Netzwerken zur innovativen Forschung in den Bereichen Biodiversitätsszenarien und Ökosystemdienstleistungen unterstützen.

Belmont Collaborative Research Activity: Scenarios of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Biodiversity futures: projecting changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services for decision-making

As member of the Belmont Forum, a high level group of the world’s major and emerging funders for environmental change research, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) participates in a new multilateral call for biodiversity research. This call will support interdisciplinary and collaborative networking activities of multinational research teams bringing together researchers from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Norway, South Africa, and the USA (decision pending).

Biodiversity scenarios, which are the outputs of the combination of socio-economic scenarios and models of impacts of global change on biodiversity, are essential tools for (1) better understanding and synthesising a broad range of observations, (2) providing information about future impacts of global changes such as land use change, invasive alien species, overexploitation, climate change or pollution, (3) providing decision support by developing adaptive management strategies and (4) evaluating the implications of alternative social-economic development pathways and policy options.

This Belmont Forum call encourages the development of new international networks of scientists able to implement innovative research to underpin needed improvements in biodiversity scenario development. Thus the objective is stimulating networking and capacity building for innovative research across social and natural science disciplines.

Submission of proposals will follow a one-stage process. All proposals should consist of partners from at least three of the participating countries and must bring together natural scientists, social scientists and research users.

Proposals are selected in a joint review process by the participating funding organisations. All administrative procedures will be synchronised. Funding of the participating researchers from German universities and research institutions is provided by DFG according to its terms and conditions for the initiation of international collaboration.

The closing date for submission of proposals is 2 July 2014.

For further details as to the scientific theme, principles of funding, selection criteria, the procedures of submitting proposals and closing dates please contact the Belmont Forum website. Please also read the guidelines and refer to the relevant National Annex before submission (Link above).

Webportal for application submission:  

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