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Ausschreibung für gemeinsame europäisch-chinesische Forschungsprojekte über "Gesellschaftliche Herausforderungen - Grüne Ökonomie und Demografischer Wandel"

Stichtag: 03.12.2013 Programmausschreibungen

Die DFG schreibt gemeinsam mit europäischen Partnern ein Forschungsprogramm mit dem NSFC in China aus. Deutsche Bewerber müssen zusätzlich einen Antrag in deutscher Sprache an die DFG richten.

The research funding organisations of France (ANR), Germany (DFG), The Netherlands (NWO) and the United Kingdom (ESRC) launched a new multi-lateral collaboration with the NSFC in China consisting of a joint research programme on two basic societal challenges:

Green Economy

  • “Greenness and Dynamics of Economies”
  • Institutions, Policies and Planning for a Green Economy
  • Green Economy in Cities and Metropolitan Areas
  • Consumer Behaviour and Lifestyles in a Green Economy

Understanding Population Change

  • Changing Life Course
  • Urbanisation and Migration
  • Labour Markets and Social Security Dynamics
  • Methodology, Modelling and Forecasting
  • Care Provision
  • Comparative Policy Learning

Applications should address one or more of the priority areas under either “Green Economy” or “Understanding Population Change” in a coherent programme of innovative research. Applications should include leading European researchers wishing to develop contacts with leading researchers from universities or institutions in China. Projects should involve participation from at least two different participating European countries and at least two universities or institutions from China which are eligible to apply at NSFC.

The call, its decision procedure and funding mechanisms will be based on the Open Research Area for Social Sciences (ORA), a process established on international standards. Funding will be distributed among the partners according to the place of work of the researchers, and according to the funding rules of each individual agency. Proposals should be up to three years in duration and must start on 1 July 2014. Resources requested can include travel and subsistence expenses of the investigators, as well as normally permitted costs such as investigator and research staff salary costs.

This call is now open. The closing date of the call will be 3 December 2013.

The complete call documents including the guidelines for applicants are available on the ESRC’s website (see below). The call will be administered by the ESRC. All applications are to be uploaded at the ESRC’s homepage by one of the Principal Investigators.

German applicants

Please note, that German applicants are requested to additionally submit the German application’s part via the DFG elan portal (electronic platform for submission). The Principal Investigator of the German application’s part is in charge. The submission has to be done within one week after the submission date of the call. All documents uploaded via elan must be identical to those uploaded at ESRC. For the German part, please consult the guidelines “Research Grants Programme” (DFG form 50.01 – 10/11).


National contact details are as follows:

France (ANR)
Pierre-Olivier Pin
Telephone: +33 (0) 178 0980 83

The Netherlands (NWO)
Marcus van Leeuwen
Email: m.vanleeuwen(at)
Tel: + 3170 3440 931

Germany (DFG)
Christiane Joerk
Email: christiane.joerk(at)
Telephone: +49 (0) 228 885 2451

Alexa Mills
Email: international(at)
Telephone: +44 (0)1793 413159

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