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ENRICH in the USA: Bootcamp zur Vermarktung von Forschung und Technologie

Stichtag: 29.06.2018 Forschungsmarketing

Das Bootcamp findet im Oktober 2018 statt und richtet sich an Jungunternehmerinnen und -unternehmer, Forschende, Forschungsorganisationen sowie etablierte Start-ups aus EU-Mitgliedstaaten oder assoziierten Ländern, die nach Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten und Strategien zur Vermarktung von Forschung und Technologie in den USA suchen. Bewerbungen werden bis zum 29. Juni 2018 entgegengenommen.

ENRICH in the USA, through Partner – the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) – organizes two-week Boot Camps in the United Sates and provides participants with perspectives on their market in various US regions. All Boot Camp participants will start and end the program in Boston where they will receive an introductory course in “Conducting Business in the US” and engage in unique networking opportunities with local innovation experts. In between, participants will each be hosted for up to 10 days by a certified Soft Landing site in the US which will provide programming/services especially themed to the various industry sectors and matched to the needs of each applicants.

In preparation for the Boot Camps, a pre-departure workshop will be provided to ensure the participants make the most of their two weeks in the US. This call will fund 10 participants for the Research Commercialization (RC) Bootcamp taking place in October 2018 in the USA. Call deadline: 29th June 2018.

About ENRICH in the USA

ENRICH is the European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs. Promoted by the European Commission through Horizon 2020, the ENRICH Network currently offers services to connect European research, technology and business organisations with three global frontrunner innovation markets: Brazil, China and the USA. ENRICH in the USA is powered by NearUS, the H2020 initiative to establish a Network of European Research and Innovation Centres throughout the United States of America.

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