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GERMAN-ISRAELI COOPERATION in MARINE SCIENCES - Call for Joint Proposals for Cooperative Projects 2011 - 2013

Stichtag: 24.01.2011 Programmausschreibungen

1. Objectives of funding and legal framework

1.1 Objectives of funding
Climate change constitutes a major influenceon the biotic and the abiotic conditions in oceans and seas. Integrated research adressing these impacts is of public concern. Within the framework of the German-Israeli cooperation in Marine Sciences, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Israeli Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) invite proposals for joint integrated research projects in the research field “Impacts of climate change on oceanographic conditions and coastal ecosystems”.

1.2 Legal framework
Projects will be funded under the terms of this call and of the agreements concluded between BMBF and MOST. The general regulations for funding, including as regards intellectual property rights, formulated by both ministries for all BMBF-MOST research co-operations, will be applied also to this field. In addition, for the German partners to be funded, beyond these rules the standard BMBF-guidelines for grant applications on expenditure or cost basis, respectively, have to be applied. Submitting a proposal does not automatically entitle applicants to a grant. Rather, grants will be awarded to those selected proposals after the respective ministries have assessed the proposals according to the criteria set out in paragraph 7 of this Call. While it is expected that funds and
commitment authorizations required for the implementation of this Call will be available, this Call is subject to modification or cancellation according to the budgetary situation.

2. Subject of funding

Within this overall objective, the following topic is relevant:
Impacts of climate change on oceanographic conditions and coastal ecosystems.
Following issues are of interest: Increase of water temperature, acidification, shifts of water circulation, changing biodiversity (bio-invasion of alien species is not addressed).
The investigations should be concentrated on the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea including the Gulf of Aquaba.

3. Eligibility

a. Proposals must involve one Principal Investigator from each country.
b. The Principal Investigator on each side must be affiliated with an academic institution or research institute.
c. The Principal Investigators are expected to take responsibility for the execution of the research work throughout the duration of the project.
d. Joint German-Israeli cooperation is obligatory. The proposed project must be prepared and carried out jointly by the Israeli and the German project partners.

4. Duration of Project
The research should be planned for a period not exceeding three years.

5. Budget
The total BMBF/MOST budget for this call is EURO 1,275,000 of which MOST will contribute EURO 127,500.

The total budget for the Israeli part in each bilateral project will be up to EURO 250,000, except for special cases.

Universities and research institutions may receive grants covering up to 100% of the reasonable research-oriented expenses incurred by the project as approved (e.g. travel, personnel, equipment, expendable materials, not including salaries for permanent staff and principal investigators). The amount approved for each project will be determined by the Joint German-Israeli Program Committee on the basis of par. 7 of this Call.
The project proposals must include a detailed description of the joint work-plan as well as a calculation and justification of the budget, for both the Israeli and German teams.

6. Guidelines
Each proposal must clearly substantiate the bi-national nature of the cooperation and the partners should describe in which way their project serves the interests of both countries .
Projects must be interdisciplinary and carried out jointly by the bi-national research team. Principal Investigators from both countries should submit their proposal jointly.

7. Criteria for evaluation and approval of funding
Evaluation of the project proposals will be based on the following main criteria:

  • Originality, novelty, the degree to which the proposal is multi- disciplinary, and scientific quality;
  • Relevance to the topics and objectives as mentioned above;
  • The scientific soundness of the proposed approach;
  • The adequacy of the facilities available to the investigators;
  • The capability of the investigator(s) to carry out the proposed research;
  • Added value of the cooperation;

The proposals will be evaluated and rated by international external reviewers. In accordance with the procedures of the Cooperation Program, all the proposals will be ranked finally by the Joint German-Israeli Program Committee.
Applicants of proposals, which are positively evaluated and which complement one another, may be requested to collaborate and prepare a joint project proposal.

The number of proposals to be approved by the Ministries under this call will be determined in view of budget requirements and constraints.

8. Mode of Submission
Proposals should be submitted simultaneously by both the German and Israeli principal investigators, to MOST and BMBF, in English, on the appropriate forms.
Application forms are obtainable at the MOST website ( and from the Research Authorities of universities in Israel. The use of the appropriate forms for submitting applications is obligatory.

Four copies of signed proposals may only be submitted to MOST via the Research Authorities of the universities or the management of the public research institutions by which the projects are to be carried out. In addition, the full proposal shall be submitted electronically.

In Israel to:
Mrs. Nurit Topaz
Phone: 972-2-54 11157

The German partners should send only the electronic version of the joint proposal to:

Dr. Andreas Irmisch
Phone:++49 381 5197 287

9. Contracts
Upon approval of the research grants by the official authorities in Germany and in Israel, a research contract will be signed each year between MOST and the institution of the Israeli principal investigator.
While it is expected that funds and commitment authorizations required for the implementation of this Call will be available, signing of annual contracts under this Call is subject to modification or cancellation according to budgetary constraints. In Germany the research contracts will be signed for the duration of three years.

10. Key Dates

Final Date for Submission of the proposals – January 24, 2011

Planned Date of Initiation – July, 2011

11. Information
More details and specific information can be obtained by telephone or email:

On professional matters:

In Germany:
Dr. Klaus Schindel
Phone: ++49 22857 3221

In Israel:
Dr. Husam Massalha
Phone: 972-2-54 11133

On administrative matters:

In Germany:
Dr. Andreas Irmisch
Phone: ++49 381 5197 287 

In Israel:
Mrs. Nurit Topaz
Phone: 972-2-54 11157

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