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Adriatic Ionian Initiative (AII)

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The political and ideological crisis following the dismantling of Berlin Wall, the chaotic situation and the inherent instability due to the fragmentation of former Yugoslavia, the anarchical transition towards the free market economy, with the parallel reinvigoration of the well-rooted hidden hatred among the various ethnic, religious and cultural groups, have produced the well-known troubled and extremely dangerous situation of the Balkan area. The whole area was affected by a series of ruinous and uncontrollable wars and was strained by pressures of migratory fluxes, as well as by an unbounded increase of crime.

In the attempt of copying with the spreading of the Balkan crisis, and also to correct some wrong actions, the European Union has promoted the so-called “Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe” regarding all the south-eastern European countries, aspiring to join the Union in the future.

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