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Built4People - European Partnership for people-centric sustainable built environment

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Built4People (B4P) brings together the European Commission (EC) and two leading associations (ECTP and WorldGBC Europe) with a membership base of actors in the built environment. Its aim is to invest in projects which will accelerate innovations towards a sustainable, people-centric transformation of Europe’s built environment sector. The B4P partners bring together the whole value chain to accelerate people-centric innovation for a sustainable built environment. Its vision is to enable the development and generalisation in Europe of a high quality, low carbon, energy and resource efficient built environment. B4P stands for driving the transition towards sustainability, stimulate the production and delivery on the market of holistic innovations and enable to meet the long-term goals set by the European Green Deal, while supporting a long-lasting transformation and user-centric behavioural change in the Construction and Built environment communities.

Built4People is a co-programmed Partnership under Horizon Europe.

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