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EOS Ägyptische Organisation für Standardisierung und Qualität


The Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control (EOS)was established in 1957 and obtained ISO membership the same year. In 1979, a new Presidential Decree was issued, reorganizing EOS as the only official and competent authority entrusted with all matters related to standardization, quality control and metrology. EOS elaborates national standards for raw materials, products, testing methods, symbols and terms, quantities and units, calibration and verification of measures and measuring instruments.

Moreover, it provides the necessary measures for quality control of raw materials and products in conformity to national standards through the verification of quality, legislation and application of the Quality Mark Scheme. There are 18 sections for testing materials and products and 14 for industrial metrology.The Organization operates two product certification schemes: the Conformity Mark Scheme, mandatory for products for which a Ministerial Decree has been issued; and the Quality Mark Scheme, voluntary and upon request from the industrial organization.

EOS also organizes training programmes and seminars in collaboration with other organizations on all matters related to standardization. It is a member of ISO, OIML, ARSO, AIDMO, EOQ, IMEKO,ASTM, and CEN.

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