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ERA-NET ERA-IB2 (Biotechnologie)

Netzwerke in Forschung, Technologie und Innovation

ERA-IB is an ERA-NET funded from the European Community's sixth Framework Programme (FP6). 

In the ERA-NET "Towards an ERA in Industrial Biotechnology" partners from 12 different countries joined forces to reduce fragmentation of national research efforts in the area of Industrial Biotechnology (IB). 

ERA-IB-2 builds on the success of the FP6 project “ERA-IB” and develops the network further, into a truly pan-European approach to IB R&D funding which should ultimately lead to a self-sustained network. This ERA-net will be funded from the European Community's seventh Framework Programme (FP7). ERA-IB-2 will also align with other initiatives in the area and e.g. support the developing Joint Programming Initiatives by presenting to them the view of the national/regional programmes on IB topics.

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