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Ethiopian Academy of Sciences

Forschungsorganisationen und Fachgesellschaften Politikberatung

The Ethiopian Academy of Sciences was launched in 2010 and reestablished as an autonomous institution in 2013 with Proclamation No. 783/2013. The Academy aims to advance the development of all the sciences, including the natural sciences, mathematics, the health sciences, agricultural sciences, engineering, social sciences, humanities, fine arts and letters.

The Academy is committed to assist in the national development agenda and to advance the natural and cultural heritage of the nation. As an important partner to the government, it involves relevant government institutions, ministries, universities and other organizations in its effort to achieve its goals.

The main objectives of the Academy are:

  • Stimulate the development of problem solving technologies and research, knowledge of applied sciences, social sciences, art, indigenous knowledge and innovative thinking that help to improve quality of life;
  • Advise the government on science and socio-economic issues;
  • Enhance scientific researches on areas of special importance with the active involvement of Ethiopian scholars from all disciplines;
  • Create a network among Ethiopian scholars and science and art community around the world;
  • Exalt the works of Ethiopian scholars for the world community;
  • Create appropriate channels to disseminate major findings in all disciplines; and
  • Sustain the active engagement and benefits of women and other underprivileged and marginalized groups in all scientific works.
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