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Indien: ISTI - India Science, Technology and Innovation Portal

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The India Science, Technology and Innovation Portal (ISTI) is a one stop window for information about developments in India on science, technology and innovation.

The portal focuses on bringing all stakeholders and Indian STI activities on a single online platform; helping efficient utilisation of resources; highlighting functioning of scientific organisations, laboratories and institutions; aggregating information on science funding, fellowship & award opportunities spanning from school to faculty level; pooling together conferences, seminars and events; and projecting science in India with its major achievements.

The portal is a veritable repository of India’s scientific research activities in every field. It also hosts information about the organisations carrying out the research, those funding them, international collaborations, the scientists involved in the research, the States in which they are being carried out, their achievements & impacts.

The portal brings on the table the storehouse of technologies developed in India, the organisations that have developed these technologies, those that have funded them and the status of the technologies.

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