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International Helmholtz Research School on Biophysics and Soft Matter

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The International Helmholtz Research School on 'Biophysics and Soft Matter' (IHRS-BioSoft) at Research Center Jülich (FZJ) in cooperation with the Universities at Düsseldorf and Köln provides in-depth training in Biophysics and Soft Matter Sciences, and a comprehensive framework of experimental and theoretical tools that will enable PhD students to gain a deeper understanding into the structure, dynamics, and function of complex systems, in particular those related to living systems.


IHRS-BioSoft offers positions for graduate students leading to a PhD at one of the cooperationg universities within 3 years.


Projects for a PhD thesis can be selected from the following research areas:

  • Complex Fluids
  • Colloid and Polymer Physics
  • Dynamics of Macromolecules
  • Supramolecular and Amphiphilic Self-Assembly
  • Flow Dynamics and Microfluidics
  • Single-Molecule Detection and Manipulation
  • Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging
  • Cell Biophysics
  • Structural Biology
  • Cellular Singalling Pathways
  • Receptor-Ligand Interactions
  • Artificial and Biological Membranes


Target Group:

The Research School is open to highly qualified and motivated applicants from all countries. Applicants should hold a Master's or other degree comparable to a German University Diploma in biological, chemical or physical sciences, and preferably be under 27 years of age. The teaching language is English; sufficient command of the language is required for acceptance. Linguistic proficiency can be demonstrated by taking a standardised test (e.g., the TOEFL).


Candidates will be invited for an interview with faculty members.


Applications are received and processed continuously.


Further information and application form:

For further information and appication forms please consult the link given at the top or the contact person indicated below.

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