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Jordanien: HCST - Higher Council for Science and Technology

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The Higher Council for Science and Technology was established in 1987 under Law Number (30) as a public independent institution and acts as a national umbrella for all science & technology (S&T) activities in Jordan.

The objective of The Higher Council is to build a national science and technology base to contribute to the achievement of development objectives, through increasing awareness of the significance of scientific research and development, granting the necessary funding and directing  scientific and research activities, within national priorities, in line with development orientations.

The Higher Council was also entrusted with the establishment of specialized centers for R+D activity, the Support of  innovation and entrepreneurship to contribute to the commercialize  scientific and technological ideas into products and businesses,  the conclusion of agreements relating to cooperation with Arab regional and  international parties, the representation of the kingdom in scientific and technological activities, at the Arab, regional and international levels.

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