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Kanadisches Regierungsportal: Wissenschaft und Innovation

Fachportale und -informationen

Die Seiten "Science and innovation" des Regierungsportals bieten einen Überblick zu:

  • Research funding and awards: Funding and awards for scientific research, research infrastructure and research networks
  • Science subjects: Government research and resources on a wide variety of scientific topics
  • Open data, statistics and archives: Government data, statistics, analyses and archival information to assist with research and discovery
  • Research institutes and facilities: Government research centres across Canada and how to partner with or access these facilities
  • Research and development (R&D) and innovation: Funding, collaboration, commercialization and licensing resources to help fuel innovation
  • Intellectual property and copyright: Protecting your intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and using IP as a business tool
  • Directory of scientists and research professionals: A directory of government scientists and research professionals
  • Science education resources: Activities, lesson plans, videos and more to help youth learn about science and technology
Quelle: Government of Canada Redaktion: von Miguel Krux Länder / Organisationen: Kanada Themen: Förderung Infrastruktur Innovation Strategie und Rahmenbedingungen

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