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KATS Koreanische Agentur für Technologie und Normung - Republik Korea (Südkorea)


The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) is a government agency which has been leading national and international standards in the Republic of Korea since it was founded in 1883 as Analysis and Testing Laboratory of the Mint Office. After several changes and developments over the last several decades, KATS was reformed under Ministry of Knowledge Economy. KATS is an active member of ISO, IEC and PASC.

KATS contributes to international standardization with the following objectives:

  • to provide technological infrastructure to support Korean enterprises to be recognized internationally by evaluation and certification of technology and quality
  • to enforce product safety
  • to improve quality of life through standardization.

To achieve the above objectives, KATS undertakes:

  • to harmonize Korean Industrial Standards (KS) with international standards
  • to manage the national legal metrology system
  • to accredit testing
  • to conduct research for standardization, and
  • to endorse international mutual recognition agreements in the fields of standardization and conformity assessment and legal metrology.
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