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LIBNOR Libanesische Institution für Normung


The Lebanese Standards Institution (LIBNOR) is a public institution attached to the Ministry of Industry. It was established in 1962 by a law, giving it solely the authority to issue, publish, and amend national standards and to authorize the use of the Lebanese Conformity Mark proving the compliance of products to Lebanese standards.

Standards are discussed and prepared by technical committees formed by LIBNOR for this purpose. These committees include representatives from both public and private sectors, including ministries, public Administrations, Laboratories, Universities, Syndicates, Chambers of Commerce Industry and Agriculture, Associations, NGOs and others.

Lebanese national standards are voluntary in principle. However, for reasons of public safety, public health, and/or national interest, and upon approval by Libnor's Board of Directors, a standard may be granted the mandatory status by a decree from the Council of ministers.

LIBNOR aims at serving the Lebanese society and economy by:

  • Issuing national standards that contribute to the protection of public health, public safety, and environment, and to the facilitation of trade and the increase of Lebanese exports.
  • Representing Lebanon internationally in the field of standardization.
  • Granting the NL Conformity Mark to interested parties, thereby contributing to the improvement of quality and sales of Lebanese products.
  • Answering queries on standards and technical regulations and providing training.
  • Providing all national, regional and international standards to its customers through its information center.
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