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Marokko: CNRST – National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research

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The website of CNRST is currently available in French and Arabic.

The National Centre for Scientific and Technical Research (Centre national de la recherche scientifique et technique, CNRST) is a public institution under the authority of the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, originally created in 1976 under the name of the National Centre for Coordination and Planning of Scientific and Technical Research. Its status and name changed to the current ones in 2001. CNRST’s mission is the promotion, development and exploitation of scientific research, taking into account the cultural, economic and social needs of the country.

The responsibilities of the Center include:

  • Prepare the framework of the national priorities established by the government.
  • Strengthen the national research infrastructure.
  • Contribute to the exploitation of research and Technology Transfer and research results.
  • Create research synergies, and promote high quality and impactful research in scientific, socio-economic and technology fields.
  • Increase national scientific production.
  • Develop international research partnerships, and Include Moroccan researchers abroad in the development process of the national STI system.

CNRST also plays an important role in funding and financing scientific research and Technology Transfer in the country. Examples include:

  • Creation of research structures and research laboratories.
  • Research excellence awards programs.
  • Research projects with high socio-economic and technological impact (e.g. - R&D in the phosphates industry).

Source: UNESCWA (2017): National Technology and Development Transfer System - Marokko

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