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NBSM Büro für Normung und Metrologie - Nepal


Nepal Bureau of Standards & Metrology (NBSM) is the National Standard Body in Nepal. It is a Government organization under the Ministry of Industry. It is also the national enquiry point / nodal point for WTO (TBTs & NTMs) and focal point for National Authority on Disarmement Affairs (NADA).


  • To provide efficient and timely service.
  • To satisfy the customer's need for quality goods and services. 
  • To raise awareness in the field of standardization & metrology.


  • Harmonious development of standardization, marking and quality certification. 
  • Harmonious development of scientific and legal metrology. 
  • To facilitate development of production and exports.

The main activities of NBSM are to: 

  • formulate national standards; 
  • operate the product certification mark; 
  • provide testing facilities and technical services in the fields of SMQC; 
  • work as the third party guaranteeing agency; 
  •  provide service for lot certification and pre-shipment inspection, as well as laboratory recognition and 
  • launching of consumer awareness programmes on quality. 
  • Provide laboratory services for testing of various commodities.
  • Involve in environment protection.

Additional activities include legal metrology and calibration services for weighing and measuring devices. Initiation on industrial and scientific metrology is in progress.

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