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Nepal: Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Technologie


The vision of Nepal's Ministry of Science and Technology is to establish science and technology as key pillars for achieving sustainable and broad based economic growth contributing to employment generation and poverty reduction. 

Its mission consists of creating a policy environment and an institutional strength for promoting scientific research, innovation, building the capacity to achieve sustainable practices and technologies and minimizing risks on life support systems, thus contributing to sustainable development.


  1. Formulation and implementation of policies, plans and programmers pertaining to science and technology;
  2. Study, research, survey, training and national as well as international seminars and conferences on  science and technology;
  3. Regular and periodic evaluation and review of environment programmes implemented by governmental organizations;
  4. Development of human resources pertaining to science and technology;
  5. Formulation and implementation of policies, plans and programmes relating to science and technology;
  6. Programmes concerning development and expansion of science and technology;
  7. Exploration and research of the progress made in the field of science;
  8. Exploration and analysis of the achievement made in the field of technology ;
  9. Promotion of alternative energy;
  10. Liaison and coordination with universities with regard to science and technology;
  11. Production, supply and management of goods related to science and technology;
  12. Collection and survey of data on more advanced technology;
  13. National, regional and international conference, seminar and symposium on science and technology;
  14. Bilateral and multilateral agreement and memorandum of understanding on science and technology;
  15. Liaison and coordination with international organizations concerning science and technology;
  16. Nepal Academy of Science and Technology;
  17. Science and Technology Council;
  18. National Forensic Laboratory;
  19. Development and expansion of information technology;
  20. Planetarium, observatory and science museum.
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