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Swiss German University (SGU)

Vertretungen/ Einrichtungen Deutschlands im Ausland

Swiss German University (SGU) is a government and privately sponsored university for the ASEAN region. SGU is located on the Island of Java, Indonesia. The Foundation (Yayasan Swiss German University-Asia), which was established in the year 2000, is a joint effort between Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Indonesia. Committed to delivering quality education in line with international standards, SGU was established as an institution with a long-term commitment in Indonesia. SGU aims to develop skilled professionals to fulfill the need for qualified graduates to strengthen links between Asia and Europe.

Adresse: EduTown BSDCity 15339 Tangerang Indonesien Redaktion: Länder / Organisationen: Indonesien Themen: Geistes- und Sozialwiss.

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