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Türkei: TÜBA - Akademie der Wissenschaften

Forschungsorganisationen und Fachgesellschaften Politikberatung

The Turkish Academy of Sciences was established in accordance with the Statutory Decree No. 497 which went into force on September 2, 1993. After the appointment of the founding members by the Prime Minister, the formation of the first general assembly, the election of the Chairman and Academy Council members and the appointment of the Chairman were completed the Academy began operating on January 7, 1994. In accordance with law TÜBA is a legal entity with scientific, administrative and financial autonomy which reports to the Ministry of  Industry and Technology.

In all fields of science in Türkiye the Academy’s objective is:

  • To encourage research, scientific identity and the work of researchers,
  • To honor those who labor in these fields,
  • To guide young people towards science and research,
  • To raise the social status of scientists and researchers in Turkey and work on protecting them,
  • To help raise science and research standards to international level.

Its duties include providing advice on scientific subjects and determining scientific priorities.

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