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UEMF - Europa-Mittelmeer-Universität Fès

Bildungs- und Forschungskooperation Hochschulen

Placed under the High Honorary Presidency of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Euromed University of Fez (Université Euromed de Fès, UEMF) is a non-profit, public interest institution labeled by the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM) with the support of its 43 member countries. Its diplomas are recognized by the Moroccan State, and several of its courses are in double graduation with the best universities in the Euro-Mediterranean area. 

The project for the creation of the UEMF emanates from the Royal Initiative with the objective to create in Fez a framework for higher education and research-based on intercultural dialogue, exchange, and cooperation between the two shores of the Mediterranean and with a natural extension towards Sub-Saharan Africa, while offering education of excellence and conducting scientific research of very high level in close connection with the socio-economic world.

The Moroccan government has supported UEMF's implementation in a significant way with grants both for its operation and for the land base for its eco-campus as well as for its investments.

Set up in 2012, UEMF also benefited from donations from the European Union and a loan of 50 per cent of its investments from the European Investment Bank and also from support from the Union for the Mediterranean (UFM).

See Website of the UFM: Within an international environment, the UEMF seeks to deliver high standard multilingual and multi-dimensional programmes in Engineering and in Humanities & Social Sciences complemented by cross-cutting classes on Euro-Mediterranean history, civilizations, heritage and languages along with transversal courses in ICT’s and entrepreneurship. A number of these programmes are already in place and others will be launched in partnership with well-known Higher Education Institutions from several Euro-Mediterranean countries. Research activities are also being conducted.

The overall construction of the UEMF eco-campus is expected to be completed by 2021. It will have the capacity to host approximately 7,000 students and 650 staff members representing diverse nationalities of the Euro-Mediterranean region and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Quelle: Webseiten UEMF und UFM Redaktion: von Sonja Bugdahn, DLR Projektträger Länder / Organisationen: Marokko Themen: Bildung und Hochschulen Innovation

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