StartseiteAktuellesNachrichtenDer Dienstleistungsanbieter Evalueserve eröffnet im September 2013 ein neues Wissenszentrum im Research Triangle Park (USA)

Der Dienstleistungsanbieter Evalueserve eröffnet im September 2013 ein neues Wissenszentrum im Research Triangle Park (USA)

Evalueserve, ein weltweit führender Anbieter von Forschungsdienstleistungen, wird im September diesen Jahres ein Wissenszentrum in den USA eröffnen. Evalueserve plant, 400 Datenanalytiker bis Ende 2017 einzustellen. Die neue Zweigstelle soll die strategische Position als globaler Partner für Wissenstransfer stärken. Evalueserve hat bereits Forschungszentren in Chile, China, Indien und Rumänien.

Evalueserve, a global research and analytics company, announced today that it will open a US Knowledge Center in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, in September 2013. The company plans to hire 400 researchers and data scientists for this center by the end of 2017. Evalueserve has knowledge centers in Chile, China, India, and Romania. The addition of this research and analytics center will further strengthen the company’s strategic positioning as a global knowledge partner, and will help it serve its clients in North America more effectively.

The US office is envisioned to be a center of excellence in classical data analytics and big data science. It will also provide all other services, including financial services and professional services, as well as those in other verticals that the company currently serves. The range of solutions will include traditional research support such as desk-based research, risk modeling, investment banking research, and emerging services and solutions such as media mix optimization, digital attribution, and social media monitoring in English as well as non-English languages.

Evalueserve received an award from the state Job Development Investment Grant (JDIG) program; the award is granted to new and expanding businesses for job creation in North Carolina. Dr. Alok Aggarwal, Chairman; and Marc Vollenweider, CEO, said, “This move further strengthens Evalueserve’s strategic positioning as a truly global knowledge partner. Building our presence in the US is integral to our growth strategy, especially as we strive to forge deeper and more strategic relationships with our clients. We are extremely pleased to begin our partnership with the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce, and we will continue to partner with them on this critical initiative.”

The RTP region offers a vast talent pool, access to top colleges and universities, and an attractive and dynamic business environment; all of these were critical to Evalueserve’s decision-making process. The region is also an attractive destination for young professionals and has witnessed high (domestic) migration of such professionals during the last 10 years. “We are committed to creating new jobs in North Carolina and welcome these new, high-skilled jobs to Raleigh,” said Sharon Decker, North Carolina Secretary of Commerce. “We know that Evalueserve will find the qualified talent they need to succeed and expand their presence in the US.”

About Evalueserve

Evalueserve is a global specialist in knowledge processes with a team of more than 2,600 professionals worldwide. As a trusted partner, Evalueserve analyzes, improves and executes knowledge-intensive processes and leverages its proprietary technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Evalueserve has dedicated on-site teams and scalable global knowledge centers in Chile, China, India, and Romania, which provide multi-time zone and multi-lingual services.

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