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Engere Kooperation zwischen Norwegen und Frankreich im Bereich der Meeresenergie

Englischsprachiger Artikel des Norwegischen Forschungsrats über die geplante Erweiterung der bereits bestehenden Kooperation zwischen Frankreich und Norwegen, die nun insbesondere die Forschung und Entwicklung erneuerbarer Meeresressourcen einbeziehen soll.

Norway and France have long shared close ties when it comes to the exploitation of offshore petroleum resources. Now the two countries are looking to expand that cooperation to include research and development on renewable marine resources.

More than 90 representatives from research, industry and government authorities in both countries recently convened at a seminar in Oslo organised by the Research Council of Norway, the French-Norwegian Foundation and two Pôles Mer competitiveness clusters of France. Their purpose: to find new ways to strengthen French-Norwegian relations.

Building on good relations

"We have high hopes for what Norway and France can accomplish together. Our two countries complement each other's expertise in energy and there is much we can learn from each other," says Arvid Hallén, Director General of the Research Council of Norway.

Both countries attach great importance to the excellent relations developed, for example, over more than 20 years of cooperation in the French-Norwegian Foundation.

"If Norwegian and French companies work together with the support of our two governments," asserts State Secretary Robin Martin Kåss of Norway's Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, "we will be able to solve major energy and climate challenges."

French companies that already have a strong energy-related presence in Norway include: Total and EDF Suez at the LNG field Snøhvit, Alstom in connection with CO2 management at the European CO2 Test Centre Mongstad, and Technip in the world's first floating wind turbine Hywind.

Marine energy research is steaming ahead

France has established two centres for marine energy research ' Pôle Mer Bretagne and Pôle Mer PACA ' and is intensifying its research focus on wind power and wave energy and in utilising the energy potential in ocean currents, differences in marine temperature and salinity, and biomass.

Utilising the energy potential in the ocean's temperature differences is an important research field for the French. "France has extensive resources for ocean thermal energy conversion thanks to its overseas territories," explains Chantal Jouanno, France's Minister of State responsible for Ecology under the Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Marine Affairs.

Cooperation potential in offshore wind power

Norway has made great strides in developing technology for offshore wind power.

"We aim to provide a framework for more collaborative projects with France on research and technology development," says Dr Hallén. "The combination of Norwegian expertise in marine operations and France's strong position as an energy producer makes for a good platform for cooperation on offshore marine renewable energy."

Replacing fossil fuels

France has ambitious plans to decrease dependence on fossil fuels. "France's target is to get 95 per cent of its energy from carbon-free sources," says Chantal Jouanno. "Renewable energy makes it possible to replace fossil energy such as coal, oil and gas."

The French Government aims to allocate just as much funding to research and development on renewable energy as the country spends on nuclear power. According to the Minister, this target will be met in 2012.

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