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Gelbe Seiten zu europäischen Nanoelektronik-Kompetenzen

Das Projekt NANO-Tec macht seine "Gelben Seiten" öffentlich zugänglich. Diese unterstützen bei der Suche nach Experten, Institutionen, Projekten, Arbeitsgruppen und Forschungsergebnissen im Bereich Nanoelektronik in Europa.

The NANO-TEC project announces its ‘Yellow Pages‘ (YP) to be publicly available. The Yellow Pages comprise an information repository which offers search for and access to experts, institutions, projects, working groups and results in the field of future nanoelectronics, as in Beyond CMOS, in Europe.

The European Commission ICT theme of the 7th Framework Program is funding a Coordination Action project entitled "ECOSYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY and DESIGN for NANOELECTRONICS" (NANO-TEC, ICT-2010-257964). The project started on 1st September 2010 and its aims are to identify the emerging generation of device concepts and technologies for ICT, as well as to build a joint technology-design community in order to enhance research efforts in nanoelectronics in the European research area.

Therefore, the NANO-TEC consortium has developed a state-of-the-art web platform for working groups, facilitating discussions, meetings, communications and recently offers access to an information repository called ‘NANO-TEC-Yellow Pages‘. While the whole platform offers an interface to disseminate the project results to the public and to experts in the field, the “Yellow Pages” will help experts in nanoelectronics, who will be able to gather in specialist groups, thus becoming a reference point to examine achieved results, existing competences and contact information in the field of future nanoelectronics in Europe.

Within the YP the nanoelectronics technology specific content has been organized along categories such as ‘expert’, ‘institution’, ‘project’, ‘result’ and ‘working group’. Additionally, a five-level taxonomy of technical terms in micro- and nanoelectronics as well as in economy and funding has been defined. The YP’s taxonomy allows to classify semantically the YP’s categories.
Categories and taxonomy have been implemented within the open source CMS system Drupal to form an information repository, which enables the NANO-TEC web platform to store technical information in repositories in a structured and semantically order that can be used as Yellow Pages.


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