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Großbritannien: £150 Millionen für die klinische Forschungsinfrastruktur

Die britische Regierung investiert £150 Millionen in die Infrastruktur für die klinische Forschung. Die Fördergelder gehen an den Medizinischen Forschungsrat MRC, der weitere £80 Millionen aus anderen Quellen hinzuschießt, sodass für die "Clinical Research Infrastructure Initiative" insgeamt £230 Millionen zur Verfügung stehen. Mit den Mitteln werden landesweit 23 Projekte gefördert.

£150 million for clinical research infrastructure announced by Chancellor

23 key projects around the country to benefit from £150 million investment in the UK’s clinical research infrastructure.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced a £150 million investment in the UK’s clinical research infrastructure. The Chancellor announced the funding, while visiting the University of Exeter, which is home to one of 23 key projects that will benefit from this funding at centres located around the country.

The Treasury has worked with the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) to allocate £150m of funding to the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) Clinical Research Capital Initiative. This money adds to the £80m funding also pledged to the initiative by the MRC, devolved authorities, universities, and charities, bringing the total capital to over £230 million.

The investment presents a unique opportunity to enhance the UK’s clinical research capabilities and will focus particularly on developing ground breaking technologies and experimental medicines. Examples of the projects benefiting from the investment include:

  • Institute of Cancer Research hoping to revolutionise radiation treatment by targeting tumours more accurately
  • team made up from seven of our top universities who are working together to advance the next frontier on molecular biology, single-cell genomics
  • teams from the University of Leeds and York who are pioneering the SABRE imaging method to increase the signal of an MRI image up to 100,000 times

The work of these and the other 23 projects will help in identifying the causes of conditions and diseases such as cancer and dementia, and dramatically speeding up diagnosis and treatment.

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