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Neue Publikation: Norwegische Unternehmen mit internationalem Erfolg

Ankündigung (englischsprachig) einer Publikation des Norwegischen Forschungsrats über international orientierte Unternehmen.

A special Research Council publication showcases a wide array of companies, products and services that are making a mark nationally and internationally, highlighting the international potential of research-based innovation activities for Norwegian industry.

International cooperation and global knowledge characterise the companies presented in this special publication. All have major international ambitions and are generating excellent international results. Their experience should encourage other companies to follow their lead.

Championed by Minister of Trade and Industry

"International cooperation improves the quality of our own research and gives Norway access to knowledge developed in other countries," Minister of Trade and Industry Trond Giske points out.

The minister is pleased that companies that are already participating in international collaborative projects make the most of existing opportunities and are achieving excellent results. The challenge lies in mobilising a larger segment of the industrial sector to engage in international activities.

Seek inspiration abroad!

"Over 60 per cent of the innovation projects and knowledge-building projects receiving funding from the Research Council incorporate international partners," says Executive Director Anne Kjersti Fahlvik of the Division for Innovation. But this share needs to grow even more.

Ms Fahlvik emphasises that international cooperation on research projects leads to new expertise, new markets and new value chains. "This is at least equally valuable as financial support," she states.

Online articles

A selection of project profiles from the special publication has been published electronically in English:

  • Q-Free: Clear roads all the way to Sydney
  • High hopes for Norwegian service innovation
  • Disaster relief: Optimising humanitarian response (to be published)
  • Processor chips with a global market (to be published)
  • Genomics expertise to yield quantum leap for salmon industry (to be published)
  • Super-molecule to fight psoriasis (to be published)
  • Century-old producer of jams and juices: Preserving traditions through research (to be published)

A printed version of the publication is available in Norwegian only (Verdiskaping. Internasjonale muligheter for norske bedrifter).

Die Publikation können Sie auf der Internetseite des Norwegischen Forschungsrats herunterladen:

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