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New initiative: Research on research and innovation in Norway

The Research Council has launched a new initiative to further develop the knowledge base for designation of research and innovation policy.

The Knowledge base for research and innovation policy (FORFI) initiative is organised as an action-oriented programme.

Priority area with major knowledge needs

"The Government white papers on research (2008-2009) and innovation (2008-2009) both emphasise the role research and innovation policy can and should play in dealing with key challenges to society. Developing this role will require deeper insight into how government agencies and research institutions take strategic decisions", says Randi Søgnen, Director of the Director Generals staff at the Research Council.

The FORFI initiative will promote dynamic, relevant research activities in a variety of research groups and institutions, as well as provide an arena for learning and dialogue between key actors.

February deadline for first funding round

The FORFI initiative has an overall budget of NOK 35 million, of which NOK 6 million will be allocated in the first funding round. The deadline for submission of grant applications is 17 February, 1:00 pm CET.

Stronger focus on results

In its white paper Climate for Research, the Norwegian Government states that ways of measuring how research efforts translate into quantifiable results beyond volume of scientific publication are needed. To assist in these efforts, a government-appointed expert committee has been established to look at the degree to which the research being conducted achieves its objectives as well as its relevance and benefit to society.

Randi Søgnen
Director of the Director General's staff
fax: +4722037001
email: rs(at)

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