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Norwegen investiert in Forschungsinfrastruktur

Der Norwegische Forschungsrat stellt 130 Milliarden Norwegische Kronen (rund 148 Mio. Euro) für Forschungseinrichtungen, Labore, wissenschaftliche Ausstattung und Datenbanken bereit. Insgesamt werden 29 Forschungsinfrastruktur-Projekte gefördert. Über die Hälfte der Fördersumme fließt in die anwendungsorientierte Forschung.

Allocating NOK 1.3 billion for research infrastructure

The Research Council of Norway will be allocating nearly NOK 1.3 billion for research facilities, laboratories, scientific equipment and databases. Twenty-nine research-related infrastructure projects have been approved.

The 29 winning projects in the competition for research infrastructure funding range from a large facility comprising a test rig for the petroleum industry, to a network of subsea sensors off Vesterålen and Lofoten, to advanced microscopes and sequencing equipment, to a database for Norwegian Medieval Latin, to infrastructure for using video materials in research. Over half the total sum to be invested, roughly NOK 700 million, will go to research facilities of particular relevance for industry-oriented research.

"This is by far the most industry-relevant allocation of funding for research equipment, laboratories and databases that has ever been awarded," says Acting Minister of Education and Research Elisabeth Aspaker. "We need to promote a knowledge-intensive industrial sector, and it is research and knowledge that can give Norway a competitive advantage."

The nearly NOK 1.3 billion is the largest infrastructure investment ever allocated by the Research Council. "The Research Council budget for equipment has increased substantially in recent years," says Arvid Hallén, Director General of the Research Council. "We are pleased that the Government is further expanding allocations for scientific equipment over the next five years, as they have signalled in the Long-term plan for research and higher education 2015-2024. This means that many databases, laboratories and research facilities of major strategic significance to Norwegian research activities can now be established more quickly than we had planned."

Funds to 29 projects of major strategic importance

This year's allocation is the fourth such investment under the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure. The objective of the initiative is to provide funding for research infrastructure of national importance. This refers to infrastructure components that:

  • are of widespread national interest;
  • will lay a foundation for internationally cutting-edge research;
  • will be available in only one or a few locations in Norway (as a general rule);
  • will be made accessible to relevant researchers and industries.

For detailed information about the funded projects visit:

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